Restoring Health with Naturopathic Medicine
Restoring Health with Naturopathic Medicine
Natural Health Innovations, Inc. ~~~~~~ Restoring Health with Naturopathic Medicine
Natural Health Innovations, Inc.~~~~~~Restoring Health withNaturopathic Medicine


The Natural Health Innovations Approach


Natural Health Innovations is Houston’s most trusted natural, alternative and naturopathic clinic. The naturopathic doctor at NHI specializes in God-given natural techniques to restore the body’s ability to heal itself. We use herbs, homeopathic products and nutrients. At Natural Health Innovations, we believe you deserve to live a healthy, full life – free from chronic illness.


"We show people who struggle with chronic illness how to restore their body’s natural ability to heal and achieve their highest quality of life." - Julia Marino, DCT(P), D.PSc



 Overcoming chronic illness and restoring health is the main focus of our homeopathic medicine clinic. We see individuals who, like you, have struggled for years to find wellness. Many lives have been restored using our holistic methods.


Natural Healing


God gave the human body the ability to heal itself. However, when its natural balance is upset, the body’s healing powers may not work.


Julia Marino, our naturopathic practitioner, has spent more than 30 years studying holistic methods to deal with compromised immune systems. She combines herbal and homeopathic methods to bring healing to your body.


Testing Methods


A review of your most recent blood work tells us:


  • Which systems in your body are out of range,
  • Where your symptoms come from, and
  • Any nutrients or supplements your body needs.


Autonomic Response Testing, our primary assessment tool, allows us to:

  • Pinpoint where organs fail to work together, and
  • Causes of health issues:
    • microbes,
    • alloys,
    • fields of interference (i.e., scars, past injuries, etc.),
    • allergens,
    • hormones,
    • electrical sensitivities, and
    • other unresolved issues.


Naturopathic Methods


We offer the best in natural medicine. God-given nutrients help your body experience a stronger immune system, promoting healing and restoration from chronic illness.


All of our homeopathic and naturopathic nutrients, herbals, and other natural healing methods are personally tested before being offered to our clients.


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Doctor Julia Marino Julia Marino Naturopath, DCT(P), D.PSc Natural Health Innovations, Inc. Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P) Certified Practitioner of the Klinghardt Academy

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Natural Health Innovations, Inc., is a Christ-centered naturopathic clinic. We share natural, holistic care in accordance with biblical wisdom, addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health​. 

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