Naturopathic Wellness – Physical, Mental, Spiritual Health

At Natural Health Innovations our Naturopath applies the Five Levels of Healing to assess the whole body on disturbances–physically, electrically, nutritionally and emotionally using Autonomic Response Testing as a primary assessment.
With this type of testing we are able to assess where there may be a loss of coherence in the body. This allows our naturopathic doctor to seek the root cause of a health issue as a top priority.  With Autonomic Response Testing the nutritional deficiencies that are present for that individual become very clear. An individual protocol is designed to help move the body toward its most rapid recovery and repair. I use cutting-edge nutritional therapies and/or other Naturopathic and Alternative Healthcare modalities, homeopathics, and herbals, in order to assist the body to promote its own healing and facilitate restoration.


Naturopathic Medicine