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Featured this year: Julia, Naturopath, DCT(P)
Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P)
Certified Practitioner of the Klinghardt Academy

Julias Education Background

Julia has been involved in natural health and natural medicine for over 30 years. She is a naturopath who was in pharmaceuticals for 17 of those years, therefore, has acquired knowledge in both areas of research.

Julia is a Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P) (Traditional Naturopath) and has had advanced training from Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD on Autonomic Response Testing, Applied PsychoKinesiology (APN), unresolved issues, homotoxicolgy, i.e., interference field assessment (physics), environmental/metal toxicity, and nutritional assessment for chronic illnesses, along with the latest cutting-edge nutritional protocols (herbals, nutritional supplements, etc).. All is to assess imbalances/blockages, toxins and/or deficiencies depending on each individuals needs in order to restore the body back into balance.  The restoration methods are all by using God-given holistic, naturopathic and alternative approaches. NHI is a Christ-based practice - our alternative doctor incorporates a belief in Christ into all of her practices.


At Houstons Natural Health Innovations, we work to remove those physical and spiritual roadblocks that hinder restoration and/or healing. The best Naturopathic healing program will work toward building immunity, improving mental/spiritual health and clarity and enhancing overall body functions using homeopathics, herbals and/or other Naturopathic modalities. We are highly educated in how to determine which proper use of homeopathics, herbals, etc., agree with each individual in order to get the most rapid response.

"I work with children of all ages, adults and the elderly. It is a high priority here at Natural Health Innovations to stay abreast on the latest cutting-edge nutritional natural breakthroughs in the alternative field. I firmly believe in empowering individuals to take on the challenges inherent in striving for optimal wellness and those challenges that will help promote their own bodies to heal". Julia, Naturopath, Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P).

We believe the Bible to be a great source of teaching and the final authority on spiritual, physical, and mental matters.  Any meditation done should center on the Word of God, His attributes and Jesus Christ, The Great Physician.

Natural Health Innovations raises the standard in vibrant health. We offer our clients a comforting, caring, relaxing environment in which they can begin their journey to optimum wellness.

Julias top priorities are God, family and friends, clients and continuous education in the latest state-of-the-art health and nutrition initiatives.

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