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fillingsDietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D..is the world pioneer on heavy metal detoxification and chelation has devised protocols for the proper detoxification of heavy metals and other toxic substances using natural means to bring the body back in to homeostasis.

“The list of symptoms of mercury and heavy metal toxicity alone, published by DAMS (dental amalgam support group), includes virtually any illness known to humankind: chronic fatigue, depression and joint pains are the most common.”

“To keep it simple: mercury alone can mimic or cause any illness currently known - or contribute to it…. And… Virtually any illness looked at seems to be caused or contributed to by a chronic infection. A study performed by the VA administration (and published in JADA, April 1998) on 10,000 US veterans showed that most coronary heart disease really started as an endothelial infection, in most cases caused by microorganisms from the mouth. Another study showed that close to 70 % of all TMJ syndromes in women are caused or contributed to by Chlamydia trachomatis. Childhood diabetes is often caused by either a cytomegaly or influenza virus infection.   And on and on…..”


Some Symptoms of Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity

Some symptoms of mercury toxicity include fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, impaired memory and concentration, tremors, gum disease, metallic taste, tinnitus, hearing loss, shortness of breath, palpitations, profuse sweating, hypertension, joint pains, weakness, irritability, dementia, tremor, high blood pressure, arthritis, immune suppression, hair loss, kidney disease, infertility, tingling and numbness and the list goes on and on…

Mercury strongly affects the brain and nervous system.  Researchers have found evidence linking mercury toxicity with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS and Parkinson’s disease. Mercury toxicity may be associated with the rising incidence of childhood neurologic disorders including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disorders.


About Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity

The areas of the body that contain the highest concentrations of toxic mercury and other heavy metals tend to harbor micro-organisms.


There are certain body areas that are more prone to storing toxic mercury and other heavy metals and there are conditions that lead to chronic infections in these areas.

Mercury and other toxic heavy metals can have a major impact on our bodies in numerous ways…


• Disrupt cell membrane functioning
• Interfere with immune system responses
• Create joint pain and discomfort
• Result in chronic inflammation in your body
• Create DNA damage with premature aging
• Bring on free radicals and oxidative stress damage
• Damage mitochondria in your cells, leading to chronic fatigue
• Impair brain structure, leading to lower IQ and ADHD
• Bring on cardiovascular and circulatory problemsCan result in mood disorders, anxiety, and depression
• Bring on metabolic problems, sometimes leading to weight gain
• (lead) Deposits in bone greatly accelerates osteoporosis
• Result in cognitive problems and Alzheimer's disease
• Interfere with the transport of nutrients inside your cell and metabolic wastes leaving your cell

• Teeth and jawbone
• Connective tissue – scleroderma, lupus
• Gut lymphoid tissue
• Hypothalamus – develop multiple hormone problems
• Limbic system – depression
• Adrenals – fatigue
• Long bones – osteoporosis, leukemia
• Pelvis – interstitial cystitis
• Autonomic and sensory ganglia - chronic pain syndromes
• Cranial nerves – tinnitus, cataracts, TMJ problems, visual problems
• Muscles – fibromyalgia

There are reasons that mercury and other heavy metals choose these particular body areas:

 • Some type of past physical trauma, such as head injury or pulled wisdom tooth
• Food allergies which can cause a low grade encephalitis or joint inflammation
• Stress in the sleeping quarters on water lines or close to electrical equipment (geopathic)
• Scars which can create abnormal electrical signals in the body
• Structural abnormalities such asTMJ-problems, Cranio-Sacral dysfunctions
• Some biochemical deficiencies
• Environmental toxins / chemicals (i.e. solvents, pesticides, wood preservatives)
• Mercury and other heavy metals come from a variety of sources, a few are:
   Mercury comes from silver amalgam fillings, vaccines, and all varieties of fish
• Aluminum comes from cookware and our water supply
• Cadmium comes from auto and (especially) truck exhaust
• Lead comes from farm soil, our homes, and all bodies of water

“Rather than looking at the pH, osmolality and the other factors, I suggest diagnosing and treating toxic heavy metal residues in the body along with appropriate treatment of the microorganisms. As long as compartmentalized toxic heavy metals are present in the body, microorganisms have a fortress that cannot be conquered,”

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD.…Dr Klinghardt goes on, “Most elegant and suitable is Dr.Yoshiaki Omura’s resonance phenomenon between identical substances: both his bi-digital O-ring test or ART (autonomic response testing) are extensions of a regular physical exam, that can be done without any instrument. It is a very accurate assessment tool and makes it possible to not only assess where in the body which heavy metal is stored but also helps to predict which metal detoxifying agent is most suitable to remove the toxic metal from that particular body region. The metals found most commonly are : mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium.”

At Natural Health Innovations, Inc. we work to restore homeostasis in all individuals using the work developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD, the world's leading, chronic illness, chelation expert and alternative doctor. Dr. Klinghardt is a world authority on the detoxification of mercury and heavy metals. We use Autonomic Response Testing to check each step in the protocol to determine those nutraceutical naturopathic agents i.e., homeopathy, herbals, and/or other modalities that are proper recommendations for you.

"One should have a experienced and highly skilled practioner, one who is qualified in Autonomic Response Testing to undergo a metal detox and detoxifacation program. The practioner should NOT underestimate the depth or magnitude of the underlying problem." Dr Klinghardt

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There is a natural systematic approach to safely prepare and assist the body to release mercury / metal toxicity before and after amalgam fillings are removed.

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