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electromagnetic frequenciesImportance of Addressing Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D.. is convinced that the increased virulence in health issues that we are now seeing is related to the dramatic increase in electromagnetic fields / frequencies and microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers, and all manner of wireless technologies. Therefore, electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation mitigation are part of the standard protocol, as any subsequent treatment of chronic illness will not be as effective unless these external factors are addressed.


Based on Research from Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD, on Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Examples of well-known damaging effects of energy to the body include:
• High frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) - leukemia
• Light: Too much sunlight exposure (sunburn) = infrared light. Nightlights cause eye
   problems and decreased melatonin levels in children
• Sound: Tinnitus can come from too much noise exposure. Cancer from infrasound
   exposure (i.e.vibrating refrigerator, near-by freeway tunnel)

Known Biomedical Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies - EMF

• Decreased melatonin production with decreased pineal gland function
• Lowered thyroid hormones
• Causes lowered production of testosterone
• Accelerated mold growth and mycotoxin production in your home
• Proliferates the growth of viruses, mold, yeast, microbes, and other biotoxins 
  within your body
• Dysfunctional immune activity
• Leukemia, breast and other cancers
• Autism and other neurological developmental disorders in children
• Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Disease
• Insomnia and sleep disturbances
• Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
• Delayed / disturbed brain development in infants
• Food and environmental allergies and asthma
• Cardiovascular disease
• Deficiencies in women and men / Hormone imbalance
• Brain fog, headaches, and memory loss
• Diabetes

The body tissues most affected by electromagnetic fields are reproductive, breast, endocrine, and neurological tissues.

Electromagnetic Frequencies -- EMF -- and Children

According to Dr. Klinghardt, M.D., PhD., two parameters that determine and predict the future health of a child are as follows:

“Body Voltage in the sleeping location of the pregnant mom or the infant after birth. The body acts like an antenna for ambient electric fields in the home and builds up electric tension against the ground, which interferes with numerous biological and physiological functions. Body voltage increases towards the center of the body. The measurement requires an inexpensive instrument (Multi membrane sensitivity”) interruption or stimulation of cell signaling molecules and damage to the DNA itself.
• Microwave exposure of the pregnant mom or the infant after birth. This measurement addresses the effects of cell phone radiation (from nearby emitter), wireless technology in the home (or from neighbor) and cordless phones. Anything over 1 microWatt/square meter in the sleeping location is expected to cause biological, immunological, physiological and neurological consequences. The higher, the more devastating.

Electromagnetic FrequencSources of Electromagnetic Frequencies - EMF

“Some possible sources of damaging electromagnetic frequencies to the unborn or young child include household currents and fields (cordless phones, wireless, appliances), incoming information carrying radio waves (cell phone and radio/TV broadcasting), light and noise (night light, street lights, traffic, heat pumps).”


Plus the electrosmog created from all sources, including electronics, computers, certain alarm systems conclusively proven in over 2,000 studies to be hazardous to your health.

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