Detoxification | Cleansing

Detoxification | Cleansing

The difference in "life " and "quality of life".

detoxification cleansingImportance of Proper Detoxification For Wellness


Toxins can be categorized as poisons or chemicals that are known to disrupt the proper body flow.. Various waters, and foods contain toxins.  Some toxins can come from the air we are breathing, some  from the various chemicals used to plant and/or grow and prepare food.  The body must be able to  filter these toxins through the liver and kidneys and eliminate them.  When these organs become overwhelmed health issues and chronic illness can set in.

The toxins are ingested from water, air, water, chemicals and food.  When these organs become overwhelmed health issues and chronic illness can set in

Detoxification should be done very carefully and under the guidance of a trained practitioner. One who uses Autonomic Response Testing is able to determine which detox and/or nutritional agents are proper for your program in order to regain holistic health and wellness.. All body systems should be addressed individually in order to detox properly and that is when one can gain the highest quality of life..

Micro-organisms and Parasites



Microbes and toxins are the basis for most or all auto-immune diseases, said Dr. Klinghardt, leading alternative infectious disease doctor and authority on Chronic Illness. Explore magazine, March, 2006. "It is the toxin induced impairment of our immune system that enables the microorganisms to enter our system in the first place. When we withdraw mercury from the body: spirochetes, streptococci and other microorganisms present in many hiding places (such as the red blood cells, the jaw bone, inside the lateral canals of a root filled tooth, inside the calculus of a bone spur, in the soft tissues of a whip-lash injured neck, in the gray matter of the brain etc., continue to proliforate. Microorganisms use their respective neurotoxins to gradually achieve control over our immune system, our behavior, our thinking, and every aspect of our biochemistry. It is the microbial neurotoxins that are responsible for many, if not, most poison related symptoms, not the poisons themselves."

"Detoxing from heavy metals can be an elegant smooth experience or a rollercoaster ride. The problems that occur can always be resolved with the use of Autonomic Response Testing (ART). We recommend that anyone undergoing a metal detox program stay under the supervision of an experienced and qualified practitioner. There are many more ways to approach metal detox. However, many roads I have witnessed also did not lead to complete resolution of the underlying problem and are shortsighted. The practitioner should avoid short term interventions for long term issues and should not underestimate the depth and magnitude of the underlying problem." Dietrich Klinghardt, MD., PhD.


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Natural Health Innovations, Inc. uses Dr. Klinghardt's nutritional alternative God-given nutritional protocols that are backed by literature along with other modalities in order to assist the body to promote its own healing. We use Autonomic Response Testing to check each step in the protocol -- five levels of healing to determine those nutraceutical agents that are proper recommendations for each individual. I trust the proverbial saying "One man's treasure is another man's poison". This goes along without saying that just because a nutrient is backed by literature to produce a certain effect does not mean that it will work for you or that your body even needs that nutrient to restore itself. That is why Dr. Klinghardt developed Autonomic Response Testing. Contact Julia, Naturopath, DCT(P)


At Natural Health Innovations we offer top quality herbal drainage supplements to assist in nutrition and rebalancing of the body. We are all in a constant state of detox as our bodies were designed that way. Sometimes the body may have an issue or a blockage where the natural detoxification phenomenon is not working as well as it should. This is where Autonomic Response Testing can become invaluable to assess blockages, interference fields, etc.


Chemical And Heavy Metal Toxicity

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