Autonomic Response Testing

What is Autonomic Response Testing?



Autonomic Response TestingAutonomic Response Testing – Real Physics, Real Results

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a form of muscle testing designed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

ART involves placing the area of the body one is testing under one or more of the following forms of stress: electromagnetic, psychological, structural, and biochemical. The introduction of the stressor is followed by a period of observation, watching for the body’s reaction to that stressor.

Although Autonomic Response Testing is not used to diagnose diseases, it can be used along with traditional tests to discover the root cause of an illness. ART is considered the most accurate form of muscle testing because the tests can be reproduced with great reliability. The procedure is an advanced, scientifically validated method of muscle testing.


Assessment of the body

The autonomic nervous system controls every muscle movement in the body. ART’s advanced testing mechanisms allow for a much deeper level of testing which in turn extracts stronger, clearer feedback.

At Natural Health Innovations, we use Autonomic Response Testing as a main part of our nutritional naturopathic assessment. Dr. Julia has trained extensively in this area under Dr. Klinghardt.

Why is Autonomic Response Testing Important?

Everyone reacts differently to supplements. If a supplement blocks your autonomic nervous system, it may take your body out of the healing state. Have you ever tried an over-the-counter supplement that did not work? If so, you can fully appreciate this phenomenon. Your body must be able to use and metabolize the supplements, homeopathy, and nutrients properly. If not, a supplement that is quite beneficial for one person can be inefficient and/or harmful for someone else.
At Natural Health Innovations, any recommended high quality supplement protocol we suggest for you (homeopathic, herbal or nutrient) is tested using Autonomic Response Testing to determine exactly what your body needs and wants in order to restore your health.


My Professional Opinion On Autonomic Response Testing


It is my belief that Autonomic Response Testing works better and faster to bring one back to vibrant health than anything I have ever seen. An assessment using Autonomic Response Testing will identify which nutrients, homeopathics, and drainage products agree with your body in order to restore health and vitality. I also believe that the Autonomic Nervous System must ALWAYS be in regulation in order to reach "vibrant health" and "quality of life." Julia, Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P).

Natural Health Innovations, Inc. is Houston's premiere natural health care clinic. Our alternative doctor incorporates the Klinghardt Autonomic Response Testing and Dr. Omura's bi-digital O-ring test with the Klinghardt natural nutritional protocols and other modalities in order to assist the body to promote its own healing. We use Autonomic Response Testing, along with The O-Ring Test, to check each step in the protocol--five levels of healing to determine those alternative natural agents homeopathic, herbal, etc., that are proper recommendations for each individual. To learn more about our services, contact:

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