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The difference in "life " and "quality of life".


What if you could look and FEEL 10-20 years younger? Would you like to stay young as long as possible? What if you could work toward the ridding and avoidance of chronic illnesses?

Some people believe that plastic surgery is the answer to anti-aging. It is a no-brainer to conclude that many of these invasive procedures do not address whole body anti-aging. At Natural Health Innovations, Inc. we believe that aging, is internal first. We believe that external aging is secondary to the toxin overload. We have seen from experience that a proper detox that is guided by a well-trained practitioner is key to whole body health and wellness inside and out for anti aging. This type of detox is one that is targeted per individual to rid the body of unwanted toxins using Autonomic Response Testing — a cleansing that is NOT a “one size fits all”


 Experience has shown us that even the individuals who come to see us that have been to 10-40 doctors and still have health problems begin to look years younger and feel better as they begin a targeted program. These protocols are using God-given methods and are totally individualized to address the root cause of any health issue addressing all systems in the detox. The goal is to promote a sense of well being while restoring the body to homeostasis, clearing the toxins from the hormone receptor sites for optimal health using the Klinghardt protocols.


The giant difference that I see in this type of anti aging is the FEELING younger part. When the body returns itself in to balance a sense of youthfulness takes place.


As we go through life. the body continues to age, with corresponding deterioration in physical appearance and in the performance of the body, i.e., organs, etc.


My belief is that one must look outside of the box of the invasive anti aging procedures to address true anti-aging effects and youthfulness. Detoxing and repairing the various organs of the body and body systems are non-invasive approaches. When a detox is done correctly many have reported a feeling of true vitality, along with glowing and healthy skin.


There is evidence to strongly demonstrate the existence of toxins in the body. Toxins are known to cause free radicals that contribute to the aging process. We believe that PROPER internal cleansing is the genuine key to anti-aging.

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